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CHANGE THE CYCLE by decreasing disparities within menstruators through education and access to quality products and services


Visiting India around 2 years ago, I was met with the high prevalence of health inequity surrounding the various socioeconomic classes within India.

Driven by the profound revelations I discovered as part of my period poverty research, I was able to understand that developed countries like the US and UK were affected by period inequity, in addition to  third-world countries. Various homeless populations and women below the income line continue to suffer from health conditions due to period poverty and taxes. The negligence is something I would like to take the initiative to address, because menstrual disparities and stigma is something generations of women in my culture have gone through—including me. 


With this understanding and deep study, I wrote a research paper to truly grasp the various environmental factors within period poverty—education, economy, conservatism, gender bias etc. Using this website as a platform, I would like to distribute my self-made kits initially to the homeless populations within Illinois, but would like to make it an end goal to distribute these to organizations who can gain access to many foreign countries. 

About Us


500 out of the 800 million don't have access to adequate menstrual hygiene
A person has on average 456 period in a lifetime
Countries that have de-taxed period products still enforce high import levies that people indirectly have to pay for. 
Around $100-$225 are paid through tampon taxes 
In the United States itself, 35 states have taxed menstrual products between 4.4-9.9% rates.
Our Services


Inaccessibility in Uganda


Inaccessibility in the United States


Inaccessibility in the United Kingdon


Inaccessibility in India

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- Hand Sanitizer
- Kleenex Wipes
- Tampons
- Pads
- Tea Bags
- Card For Education

Initiative to distribute locally to the community and
looking to expand nationally as we grow with a Card For Education to
maneuver over disparities and learn about proper menstrual health

Education card to be distributed to all
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$25 = An increasing change in the current disparities within period poverty

All proceeds go to a kit to be donated.
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